Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 9: Still skunked by the Barrow's Goldeneye

Bald Eagle
Cooperative Bald Eagle at Wisconsin Point
I spent all morning at home, but at 2 pm my son Tom and I headed to Wisconsin Point with Photon to see if I could finally see that Barrow's Goldeneye who's been hanging out with the Common Goldeneyes there. The bulk of the ducks were beyond the distance of conjecture somewhere out by the ice's edge, and only a handful were in the Superior Entry--all Common Goldeneyes. We did make a Tom Prestby sighting, though. 

The flock of redpolls (both species) and two chickadees were still hanging out there right where Erik Bruhnke and I saw them on January 2. Larry Kraemer told me today (the 10th) that my best chances would be mid-late morning (he suggested about 11) because that's when they seem to be pigging out on zebra mussels near the breakwalls. So that's my plan for the 11th. 

No new birds for the day, but a lovely time and a most cooperative Bald Eagle nonetheless! We drove 44 miles for a total of 458.

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